What Are Natural Flavors?

What Are Natural Flavors?

What are natural flavors? 

The term natural flavors is used by the FDA to describe any food additive that originated in nature.

You may be asking; if they originated in nature, what the heck is the problem?

Senior Scientist, David Andrews at the Environmental Working Group (EWG), stated: 

“Natural flavors will often have some solvent and preservatives—and that makes up 80 to 90 percent of the volume. In the end product, it’s a small amount, but it still has artificial ingredients.”

The sad truth is that the term, natural flavors are not truly natural. This is true, no matter how much the big food companies try to convince you otherwise.

1. Natural flavors are 90% chemical crap.

2. Natural flavors add zero nutritional value.

3. Natural flavors are highly addictive.

4. The FDA allows flavor companies to call the shots. 

David Andrews, Senior Scientist at EWG states, 

“The truth is that when you see the word “flavor” on a food label, you have almost no clue what chemicals may have been added to the food under the umbrella of this vague term. For people who have uncommon food allergies or are on restricted diets, this can be a serious concern.”

An article in PubMed stated, “Given the number of chemicals that may be part of a natural flavor mixture, adverse reactions may be possible.”

What to do? 

  • Read all labels, being alert to the term natural flavors. 
  • Stop purchasing foods that contain the term natural flavors on packaging.
  • Write a complaint letter to the FDA and to your local elected officials. Get involved. 
  • For your health and the health of those you love, eat fresh foods that contain only one ingredient. 

In conclusion, consume only packaged foods with only ingredients you recognize to be real food. 

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