Sweet Dreams

Sweet Dreams

Not getting enough shut eye? 

A great many issues cause lack of sleep. Just to name a few: stress, anxiety, hormone imbalances, family problems, allergies, work schedules, alcohol, pain, EMF, chronic illnesses, and neurological issues can all disrupt sleep. Insomnia can reduce your quality of life and overall health.

Here are my 10 favorite strategies, including some of my favorite natural sleep aids and sleep habits. These will assist you to get a good night’s rest on those nights that sleep is evasive. Sweet dreams!

  1. Take Magnesium Glycinate 1 hour before bed. Between 200-500mg
  2. Take  L-Tryptophan or L-Theanine an hour or so before bed. 200-400 mg
  3. Absolutely no caffeine after noon. Caffeine stays in your body up to 12 hours.
  4. Wear Blue Blocker glasses after 8:00 pm. These glasses block the blue light from cell phone, tablets, televisions, and computer screens.
  5. During sleeping hours, use a timer switch to turn off ALL WIFI and internet connection in your home.
  6. Sip on Camomile Tea before bedtime. Herbal teas are not diuretics.
  7. Consider using a sleep sound machine or fan by your bedside.
  8. Sprinkle lavender essential oil on your pillow or put it into a diffuser.
  9. Use black-out drapes to prevent light. Did you know that your brain can detect light even with your eyes closed?
  10. Retrain your brain. If you happen to awaken, immediately take very slow, long, deep breaths. In and out, in and out, until you are sweetly asleep.
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