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Tasty Squash Soup

Yields6 Servings

 3 Large acorn squash, cooked and cooled
 2 tbsp Organic butter
 1 Large carrot, diced
 1 Large stalk celery, diced
 2 Large onions, chopped
 2 tbsp Fresh parsley
 1 cup Organic chicken stock or homemade chicken bone broth
 1 cup Heavy cream or coconut milk
 Pink Himalayan salt and black pepper to taste
 Dollop of sour cream
 Dash of cinnamon

Simply delicious on a cool afternoon. This is comfort food to the max! Yum!

In a large heavy pot, melt the butter. Add onions, carrots, and celery. Cook until the veggies are translucent (about 5 minutes). Add the already cooked squash pulp and stir well. Add chicken stock and parsley. With a stick blender, blend all the ingredients until silky smooth. Whisk in heavy cream (or coconut milk). Let the soup completely thoroughly warm up about 20-30 minutes on medium heat. Salt and pepper to taste. Place in a serving bowl an top with grated cinnamon or a dab of sour cream.

Please note: I try to use all organic ingredients in all my recipes.

Nutrition Facts

Servings 6