The Fabulous Family Package

The Fabulous Family Package

  • Week 1: Initial Assessment Questionnaire
  • Week 2: Nutri-Q testing
  • Week 3: Nutritional Protocol Discussion Group
  • Week 4: Supplementation instruction
  • Week 5: The Skinny on Fats
  • Week 6: Understanding Carbohydrates
  • Week 7: Goal Setting
  • Week 8: The Pantry Clean-Up Party



This will be an initial interview session for the whole family! It’s a starting point on your families journey to wellness. This dialog will happen first, prior to your online discussion sessions. This will give all of us a good idea of your families personal concerns, needs, and overall interests in wellness.


During this week each of your family members will be given an online personal assessment called the Nutri-Q. This assessment will give your family a well-rounded picture of what your most pressing nutritional concerns are as it relates to your lifestyle, overall health, and possible gaps in your families diet.


Here you your family will be invited into a weekly Zoom call to discuss the results of your families Nutri-Q results. Each of your family members will clearly understand the conclusions and meaning of from this nutritional assessment. Discussion will be centered around what we discover from the Nurti-Q. Your family will be motivated to move forward with clarity and purpose.


Many of us will find that we have nutritional gaps in our diets. Here you will learn exactly what that means. This discussion will focus on supplementation. You will learn the difference between synthetic verses food based supplements. This week you will learn how and why organic food truly works as medicine in the body.


Fats can be a confusing topic. In this discussion your family will clearly understand the good, the bad, and the ugly of fats. All fats have different roles. Some are even essential in the human body. You will understand why we need them in our diet and why you should not fear them.


There is so much confusion surrounding carbohydrates. In this discussion, your family will learn just what all the fuss is about and gain clarity concerning carbohydrates and the role they play in the human diet.


Here your family will understand goal setting, identification of obstacles, and the building of a support system for each of you to ultimately become empowered to take charge of your own health. An understanding will be gained of how much protein, carbs, fats, and even water are needed in your diet. Why is sugar deadly and how to break the addiction?


Let’s tackle the pantry. I call it the Pantry Clean-up Party! This will be a family team centered event and an ongoing exercise to keep one another accountable.


Fabulous Family Package

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