About Laurie


Like most Americans, Laurie grew up eating the S.A.D. (Standard American Diet), which resulted in nutrient deficiencies in her body. She battled with migraine headaches for a great part of her life. Later, these turned into Trigeminal Neuralgia, sometimes called, the suicide headache. Too many days of her life had been stolen by these debilitating headaches.

She found no help in conventional medicine. Digging into nutritional research with a single-minded zeal, she became determined to find an answer.

Cleaning up her diet, cutting out sugar, choosing organic foods, and detoxing, became her protocol. Laurie also got back into a regular exercise routine. She added supplements to bridge gaps in her diet. She balanced stress in her life. Voila! The headaches disappeared and as a bonus, she discovered her wellness passion!

As a Nutritional Therapy Consultant (NTC), Laurie offers specific tools for managing clients & assessing the body’s nutritional deficiencies. She teaches how to address those weaknesses through a properly prepared whole foods diet, supplementation, and lifestyle changes.

Laurie keeps up with current health trends by attending continuing education conferences, seminars, and regularly seeks out new developments in the field of nutrition. She is a proficient nutritional researcher. Laurie has an entrepreneurial spirit and an enthusiasm for teaching and educating others.

Her primary goal is focusing on the bio-individuality of her clients, incorporating nutrition, fitness, and lifestyle changes to encourage optimal wellness. Her strength is to see that every client has optimal digestive health for optimal nutrient absorption.

Laurie specializes in online group consultations which allows her clients the benefit of shared knowledge and support. She believes that deeper learning happens when experiences are shared.

Laurie is located in southern Ohio but can work with anyone worldwide via Zoom.